With a full line of high-quality Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, an array of luxurious Lincoln vehicles, approximately 12,000 dealers in 156 markets, global manufacturing facilities, and over 200,000 employees around the world, we’re a major, trusted source for fleet and commercial customers.

Whether you need a few automobiles – or a few thousand – to carry on business, we can supply them to you.

By leveraging the Ford and Lincoln global product lineup with a specialized team of fleet experts, Ford Global Fleet tailors products and aftersales support for our customers.

From our special incentives to our specialized abilities, returning customers already know how productive it can be to have us on their side. Experience our proven implementation processes and best practices to achieve beneficial efficiencies.

Ford Motor Company is committed to serving our customers around the world by utilizing our local, regional and global resources to maximum advantage. This is key to our Ford Global Fleet Difference. After all, Ford Motor Company is accelerating today for a better tomorrow.  

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A Global Strategy that leverages Regional Execution

We have a clear strategy for executing multiple regional agreements into a single International Framework Agreement.  The key is  understanding the differences between regions to avoid the one-size-fits all approach.  Markets are unique and diverse around the globe and therefore, require strategies to leverage the strengths and opportunities within each of the markets.  Our strategy is to leverage our full range of products with dealers/distributors in more than 156 markets around the world.  


The Global Fleet team is your single point of contact for global fleet customers.  We have experienced fleet professionals at the local, regional, and global level to provide account management, sales and after-sales support for your global operations.

Ford provides dedicated resources to support the unique needs of the commercial fleet customer.

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Our experience in real-world electrification spans 2 decades. At the end of 1997, we began production of an alternative form of efficiency: the all-electric Ford Ranger EV. We’ve been big proponents of electrified vehicles ever since.

We’re debuting 13 new electrified vehicles in the next 5 years. On a global scale, an all-new fully electric small SUV – with a projected estimated range of at least 300 miles – is in the works. In Europe, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid is designed to help reduce operating costs. Plans for North America include F-150 and Mustang hybrids, a pursuit-rated police hybrid, and a high-volume autonomous hybrid for commercial ride hailing or sharing. 

When it comes to electrified vehicles, we give you the power of choice. We’ve made a conscious decision to offer you a range of technologies:

• Our hybrid electrics seamlessly switch between the non-plug-in electric motor, gasoline engine, or a combination of both

• Our plug-in hybrid electrics can be driven like an all-electric for short routes, or travel in conventional hybrid style for long distances

• Our all-electric requires no gasoline fill-ups and no oil changes; just charge it up and go

Our reasoning is simple: A vehicle should be made to fit your needs – not the other way around. And when more fleets add electrics to their mix, everyone can benefit from lower carbon emissions.

To learn more about Ford's electrification and Sustainability initiatives, please click the link to our website.